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Period Museum
Period Museum
Lighting for the Government Public building must comply with specific current Energy Codes in addition to special duty egress lighting for special needs patrons.
In addition to meeting these required amounts of illumination in addition to pin pointing target display lighting, it naturally increases patron interest reflect into Lighting period correct aspects combined with proper lighting values. 
The nominal cost in pre-planning results in huge gains when it comes to not only energy, but compliance to specific codes. 
MC Felk Lighting & Design Group provides extremely important services to eliminate these issues, typically saving not only the time finding period specialty lighting but combines this with huge energy savings!

Project: 18th Century

Restoration, Commercial

Name: Historic Baird House

Period Year: 1700’s

Location: The Town of Granite Falls, NC

Use: History and Transportation Museum

NC Museum of History Granite Falls

Project Description:

Lighting was designed and configured for a period 1700’s type structure by Historic Architect. Low energy decorative incandescent 25watt candelabra bulbs used to maintain esthetics in proper required minumum quantities as balanced with ambient utility track point sources.

Project scope was to design a custom lighting fixture plan with local influences that would have been typically placed in property at the time of original construction.

Site History:

The Town of Granite Falls purchased the historic home of the late Andrew Baird, one of the Town's original founders, built in the 1790's and stands today as the second oldest home in Caldwell County.

Life time exterior wear Pewter finish Left: Located along walk ways perimeter
Item# 391-1227(2)E-4XOB-2B
Exterior Bethania Lantern, Post Mounted, electric, takes single 42 watt max. triple tube compact fluorescent bulb #CFTR42W. (Includes: Workhorse 64 Watt 120v Cube electronic NON-DIMMING Ballast, 120volt, Dawn to Dusk photo control, VKL11380 10in. tall frosted glass chimney. ) [Notes: Access to 42 watt max. triple tube bulb is via side entry hinged door and latch assembly.]
Welcome Lantern Lighting electric
Left: Located at aside entrance doors
Item# 330-69E-2XC1
6x9 Exterior Pennsylvania Wall mount, Electric, Non-banded glass Lantern, takes Takes 1-60 Watt max. candelabra bulbs. (Includes: Wall mounting frame and Electric hardware.) [Notes: Access to candelabra bulb is by a vertically reciprocating glass pane.]
Color Finish used: Life time wear Pewter clad copper.
Anchor style Chandelier

Archives and displays are illuminated with direct track spots, and balanced with period lighting as determined

Arm style and candle drip pans are tailored to complement all units in flowing gracefully through out facility.

Left: Located in transportation room Item #531E-C5 & Foyer right 531E-C6, Anchor Colonial Style with typical electric candles. 

Anchor style 6 arm chandelier

Left at front door entrance, Item #531E-C6 was

configured based on room physical size and ceiling height.

Oval period wall sconce

Item# 106E-C1 & C2, Single Left and double Right 18th century oval wall candle sconces in period antique pewter interior dry tin material finish.

Photometric determination resulted in required number of period candle style fixtures. Limits to existing wall wiring plus required public use resulted in greater illumination from candle style fixtures on interior corridors.


Period Oval dual candle sconce
Tri-Arm-Anchor Chandelier

Left: Item#531E-C3 was designed and configured for hallways in customizing look and finish color.

Size and quantity of units was determined by hall length, width, ceiling height, access requirements, and illuminated surface colors.

Right: Item #330-69E-2XC1 6x9 Exterior Pennsylvania Wall mount, Electric, Non-banded glass Lantern, single electric candle. (Includes: Exterior Wall mounting frame for flush surface mounting.)


Notes: Access to candelabra bulb is by spring clipped friction held vertically reciprocating glass panes.


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