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Why Lighting Fulfillment?
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Platform Component Features
Electrical Contractor
How do the Lighting Package Facilitation services directly aid the EC Superintendent?

Simply…it saves the Electrical Contractor by replacing 5 full time employed to complete LPF (Lighting Package Fulfillment Platform) with one temporary support specialist.  This eliminates the need for any associated costs typically incurred by full time staff and or suppliers in arresting the chronic invariable direct/indirect labor associated with project delays avoidable with large commercial or hospitality lighting packages that are valued above $50K.

When we take ownership of your lighting package, we work directly with your supplier plus obtain specialty Lighting fixtures OEM direct saving big....our services not only give back crucial labor time, eliminate stress, inconvenience, project delays, extended punchlist dates, and material losses but gain important tax savings. 

This service is designed to increase overall performance in your business model by adding labor efficiencies to your current staff, doubling their productivity without incurring added cost.  Simply put, it pays for itself...

Email below now, to learn how we saved this Electrical Contractor on a recent Hospitality project over $42,000.00!
“As the superintendent on this job, I could concentrate on the real issues related to improving our time line in finishing on schedule.” 
Danny Stutts-
Principle Owner
Standard Electric & Lighting
Electrical Contractors save big when using PFS & POS
If Brokering Services apply to procure any part of your Lighting Package: No profit margins or pricing markups result on design lighting fixtures in your package, only OEM direct, guaranteed!
During a depressed economy you can not make mistakes regarding project losses, they are real and will eat you up as misallocated labor….learn how we saved this Electrical Contractor as much as $6,900.00/month!

Package Facilitation defined:

Total Lighting package facilitation is a bundled services platform designed to ease the burden and advocate the party represented in all material matters in eliminating shortages, waste, and labor cost.


This is achieved by performing all procurement steps, while monitoring change outs and tracking all Lighting package materials from Factory to physical placement at point installation. Also included would be the management of all purchase orders, bill payments, damage claims, credits and returns, with supplier zero balance closing statements.  

“The Lighting package on this project came in smooth when things became critically important.”

Dale Isom-
Hospitality Owner & Architect
Spectrum Hospitality Management

Location specific luminary confirmations regarding change outs, upgrades, with monitoring.The following samples of invaluable support features are provided to the Architect, Interior Designer, General Contractor and Owners at no cost!
  • Fixture schedule count verifications and reviews included.
  • Interior Design Fixture quantities, lighting controls, and parts verifications with included logistics monitoring all shippers direct to the site.
  • All Lighting Fixtures are verified by count with shipper at site on receipt with physical location of material and storage.
  • Working with GC regarding scheduled material lifts and disbursement of all Lighting fixtures on the job with location confirmation.

To obtain a projects portfolio example detailing the $10's of $1,000's recovered
simply phone toll free at (877) 500-4464

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