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Why Lighting Fulfillment?
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Platform Component Features
Platform Component Features
 Site Planning of PFS saves big in typical rework
Is an initial review and verification of all material quantities based on Lighting Fixture Schedules provided.
Includes Monitoring site change outs and site activities on a daily basis during all construction phases up to and including final check off and punch list activities.
 Package Brokering builds value with huge savings!
Is working with multiple suppliers reviewing material requirements in your supplier bid quote to find additional savings if available, and review design fixture savings if available. 

To coordinate with your supplier on multiple deliveries on same part types and account for all received material.

To advocate on behalf of the EC, performance by each supplier, in providing closing statements with line item analysis on all purchase orders.
 Purchasing and accounting savings result daily!
Is the Accounting arm for all Lighting Package materials including the generation of all Purchase orders, Bill payments, and Sales Tax payments, with corresponding Invoices generated to EC.
 Logistics tracks material to the job!
Keeps track of all Lighting Fixture Package materials by monitoring OEM sources regarding PRO number confirmations and physical routing to job site.
 Site Storage separates material risks!
Places material on the job by dated sequence or request as needed. Planning installation considers retaining smaller fragile material off site and delivered direct at time of need.
 Site Distribution defines locations with placement
Once Lighting Fixtures are on the job,physical site installation designations are applied to containers in aiding disbursement and installation.
Coordination with GC provided lift equipment results in materials physically located on each floor set at or in approximated installation area.
 Returns are inventoried, and closing statement provided
Post punch list and final Lighting installations, remaining uninstalled fixtures and bulbs are inventoried.
Inventoried returns are offered at closeout with discount to hotel management and maintenance at brokered cost as originally purchased by EC or returned to factory sources.
Hotel owner is extended a complete Lighting Fixture Bulb and Materials list used on project including change outs and location designations.

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