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The following would be a short list of custom landmark commercial and private lighting projects:

Dates- 3/97 to 6/97  
 Charlotte Museum of History  

Project type: Custom Period Museum

Site: 1774-Charlotte Museum of History, Hezekiah Alexander Home site

Scope of work: Over a dozen interior period custom electric candle fixtures.

Customer comments:
Kris Carmichael- Director, during period served.

 “Great fit….completely satisfied!”

Dates-8/00 to 11/00

Brookstown Inn Winston-Salem, Hospitality Lamps   

Project type: Custom Period Hospitality

Site:  1837- Historic Brookstown Inn, Old Salem, NC

Scope of work:  71 custom interior Lancaster Pennsylvania period dual controlled table lamps with shades.  Locations placed include all guest rooms.

Customer comments:
Carol Hogan-Marketing Manager during period served.

“Lighting has met and exceeded our expectations, quite satisfied as all pieces look great!  Patrons enjoy the dual control light at desks for business or casual light”
Dates- 5/03 to 7/03  
Tailors Lodging Abington Va.   

Project type: Private Hospitality

Site: 1840 - Tailors Lodging Bed & Breakfast, Abington, Va.

Scope of work: Completed custom great room and guest room chandeliers and wall sconces

Customer comments:
Rick & Susan Humphreys- Owners

“We are completely satisfied, and always receive complements by our patrons.”
Dates- 3/04 to 4/04  

Project type:  Commercial Vineyard Tasting Room

Site: Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery

Scope of work:  Custom viticulture pendants and wall lighting

Customer comments:
Interior designer
-Lois Draughn, email:

“Satisfaction is high, as match was greatly expressed for this application.”
Dates-3/04 to 6/04  
Fayetteville Museum of Transportation   

Project type: Regional Museum

Site: 1890 Museum of Transportation Fayetteville, NC

Scope of work: Sculpted replication of original period gable peak ornamental onion measuring

12ft-total Ht. x 3ft-Wd.

Customer comments:
Craig Hampton-Project manager, email:

“Equal to original, very satisfied!”

Architect-Barry Rakes, email:

“Great effort, as customer is well pleased.”
Dates- 6/04 to 10/04  
Bethania Visitors Center-Wolfe Moser House   

Project type: Government local

Site: 1799 Wolff-Moser House, Bethania Visitors Center, Bethania, NC

Scope of work: Reproduced period elliptic mirror wall sconces from specimen provided, corridor ceiling flush interior & exterior period lanterns.

Customer comments: 
Karen Keller-Town of Bethania-Manager during period, email:

“Very satisfied, and will recommend work to the Bethania Mill across the street”.

Architect-Barry Rakes, email:

“Customers made great comments to accent and satisfaction.”
Dates- 9/04 to 11/04  
Clayton Historic Farm-Private   

Project type: Private Historic site

Site:  1860 Historic Clayton Farm, Stanleyville, NC

Scope of work:  Originated period styled interior Chandeliers, wall sconces, and exterior wall lanterns.

Customer comments:
Kathleen Clayton- Owner

“Very satisfied with all work as a great match, and have enjoyed!”

Architect-Barry Rakes, email:

“Really great effort and support with customer, thank you!”

Dates- 11/04 to 12/04

Bethania Corwallace Residence-private   

Project type: Private Historic site

Site: 1759 Leon T. Butner house, locally refereed as the Cornwallis house, Bethania, NC

Scope of work: Period interior wall sconces, ceiling chandeliers, and exterior Lanterns.

Customer comments: 
Mike & Michelle Leonard-Owners, email:

“Continue to enjoy and receive great complements with your work”
Dates- 1/05 to 4/05  
Voglar Gunsmith Shop-Old Salem-Private   

Project type: Private Regional Historic site

Site: 1797 Christoph Vogler House and Workshop, Old Salem, NC

Scope of work: Custom period interior wall sconces, ceiling chandeliers, and lanterns.    

Customer comments:
Gerald & Glenda Dinkins, owners, email:

“Really worked out to match our aims, especially in our library and dining rooms.”
Dates- 6/05 to 8/05  
Dixie Classic Fairs Yesterday Village   

Project type: Gov. Public 

Site: 1800’s -Yesterday Village, DCF, Winston-Salem, NC

Multiple structures including one-room church house, general store, post office & two story tin-shop.

Scope of work: Theme matched custom verdigris copper period handcrafted interior ceiling chandeliers, wall sconces and exterior wall and ceiling mounted lanterns.

Customer comments:
David Sparks-DCF Director, email:

“Accents the environment well, and very pleased with the results in project”
Dates- 10/06 to 11/06  
Bethania Moravian Church   

Project type: Public Ecclesiastical

Site: 1806- Bethania Moravian Church, Bethania, NC

Scope of work: Custom Moravian Chandeliers

Customer comments:
Phyliss Oehman- BMC Administrator, email:

“Thanks so much for giving the church a discount and for doing such beautiful work. Your lights add so much to these two rooms and will be items of pleasure for years and years to come.”
Dates- 1/07 to 4/07  
Granite Falls Transportation Museum   

Project type: Public Museum

Site: 1790 Andrew Baird Home, Museum of Transportation, Granite Falls, NC

Scope of work: Period interior wall sconces, ceiling chandeliers and exterior wall, post mounted lanterns.

Customer comments:
Linda Story-Town Manager, email:

“Very pleased with installation, and fit for this site.”

Architect- Barry Rakes, email:

“Client thought that efforts to accommodate budget and exterior lighting was appreciated”
Dates- 4/07 to 6/07  
Historic Rockford General Store   

Project type: Public Historic Site

Site: 1890 Rockford General Store, Rockford, NC

Scope of work:  Period Oil electric ceiling mounted interior lanterns

Customer comments:
Paul Carter-Owner

“Lanterns worked out good, very satisfied!”

Dates- 12/07 to 3/08

Dark Sky Pillar Mounted fixtures   

Project type:  Private Landscape Lighting

Site:  Marathon, FL

Scope of work:  Contemporary dark sky low energy post mounted exterior fixture

Customer comments:
Steven Marturano-Project Manager- Design Source

“Good fit for application, and completely satisfied.”
Dates- 10/06 to 8/08  
Wall Mounted Natural Gas Lanterns   

Project type:  Private Leisure Residence

Site: Lake Norman

Scope of work:  Restoration turnkey Wall mounted Gasoliers

Customer comments:
Larry & Jane Hendrix, Owners, email:

“Quit pleased with results, and support during entire project…”
Dates- 7/07-12/07  
Pelham Golf Resort Bronx NY, NY   

Site: Pelham Bay Golf Clubhouse, Bronx, NY

Project type:  Commercial Private Golf Resort

Scope of work:  Custom copper orbiting wall mounted drum luminaries

Customer comments:
Matt Wickware-Project Manager- GC- ICS Builders-email:

“Fixtures have been well received with complete satisfaction”

Dates- 2/08 to 3/08

Bethania Mill    

Project type: Historic Commercial Office & Retail

Site: Historic 1899 Lehman-Butner Mill, Bethania, NC

Scope of work: Period Oil electric wall lighting and exterior cedar post lanterns.

Customer comments:
Michael West, Architect-Owner, email: M.WEST@WESTANDSTEM.COM

“Quit pleased, as hallways and parking lots look great, will advise as future efforts result”

Design & Luminary Support Services Upgraded:

From June of 94 to the present, Michael has completed many private residential properties located in the piedmont triad to leisure projects along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Having learned the hardships over the years first hand from in his residential and commercial clients in obtaining custom and non-custom lighting fixture packages timely, from multiple suppliers, he created a unique platform in support services that would prove to save weeks and $1,000’s.
Dates-5/09 to 10/09  
Marriott-Town Place Suites   

Project type: Commercial Hospitality

Site:  Marriott-Town Place Suites Hotel, Mooresville, NC

Scope of work: Complete Hotel Lighting Package fulfillment and Project on-site services.

Lighting Package value: $98,000.00 Material saving: $56,000.00 Cost recovery savings: $42,000.00

Customer comments: 
Architects: Isom Ham Design Group

Products & Support:  Hotel Lighting Fixture Package Fulfillment (LPF) (POS)

Dale Isom –Principle Owner/Architect, email:
“The lighting portion of the job went very smooth. I was very pleased with Michael Felk’s efforts and his knowledge and responses. I would give him an A+ for the job.”

Electrical Contractor:  Standard Electric
Danny Stutts-Principle Superintendent/Owner, email:

Services: Complete Lighting Package Fulfillment (LPF) (POS)

“I would highly recommend MC Felk because of the work he did for me on the Marriott TPS.   He was on top of every aspect of the lighting package from ordering the fixtures to making sure each fixture was in the correct spot and ready for my workers to install it.  Even when the owners changed things at the last minute, Michael would give me a date that the fixtures were supposed to arrive and to my amazement things showed up on as promised, if not before that date.  I would have to say that with Michael Felk's help the entire job went very smooth.  I would definitely use MCFelk again and I look forward to it.”
Dates- 12/09 to 3/10  
Horizon CSA Main Offices   

Project type: Commercial Office

Site: Offices- CSA Horizon, Mooresville, NC

Scope of work:  Lighting assessment & design services, Lighting Package fulfillment & Project on-site services.

Lighting Package value: $12,000.00 Material saving: $3,000.00 Cost recovery savings: $5,500.00

Customer comments:
Dale Allman- Executive Vice President, email:

Services completed:  Site Photometric Design and fixture Layout

“I was completely satisfied with the attention given and the exacting fit for our lighting plan.”

Electrical Contractor:  Floyd Medlin Electric
Casey Medlin-Principle Superintendent

Services:  Complete Lighting Package Fulfillment (LPF) (POS)

“Appreciate the services in making sure all material was on the job as required….all went well, customers are completely satisfied.”
Dates- 3/11 to 7/11  
 Charlotte B Hawkins Museum  

Project type:  NC Historic Site/Government

Site:  Charlotte B Hawkins Museum, Sedalia, NC

Scope of work: Period Luminary design and fixture fulfillment.  An approximate duplicate or upgrade was produced from period sample provided as observed above.

Customer comments:
Frachele Scott- Site manager
“We are completely satisfied with the look and fit for our ceiling fixtures.  Patrons have complemented on quality.”

Dates- 5/12 to 1/13  
Wake Forest University's Renolda Hall   

Project type:  Institutional Private University

Site: Wake Forest University-Reynolda Hall

Included Services: Custom luminary engineering, fixture design drawing, complete proposal brokered fulfillment, and installation support.

Customer comments:

Architect- James Stem, West & Stem Architects PLLC

“Great results, and will certainly retain services on future efforts”

Greg Scott- WFU facilities director during period, Department- (336) 758-4529

Dates- 3/13 to 7/14  
Brady Style Residential    

Project ID: PN27-28

Project type: Private Residence

Site: Lenoir, NC

Scope of work: Based on photometric determination of luminary requirements custom site specific interior luminaries where designed to accommodate both a kitchen/bar area plus stairway egress entrance. Both fixtures included design features that married to interior architectural elements. Features include: Kitchen/Bar- Luminary tile array with custom pivoting cantilever iron frame structure with heavy aged hard pine beam plus custom stained marble side textured glass lenses.  Stairway egress- includes aged pine trim inset panels built on a column with four stages accommodating single luminary each. Included Services: Custom luminary engineering and design specifications, fabrication, finishing, plus site set-up and installation assistance support.
Customer comments: A-Dacus, property owner,

“We are thoroughly happy with our beautiful fixtures!”