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Current Projects
Current Projects

The following would be a short list of current landmark commercial and private lighting projects:

Dates-9/14 to CURRENT
Mennonite Heritage Center and Museum, Harrisonburg, VA.

Project ID: PN33 Mennonite Heritage Center

Project type: Commercial-Museum

Site: 1850’s- Mennonite Heritage Center and Museum, Harrisonburg, VA.

Scope of work: Period fixture layout and location schedules from results in photometric requirements in meeting guaranteed interior illumination for both period museum and multi-use areas. Resulting schedule produces fifty adaptive and exacting fixture types meeting Department of Interiors standards CFR-67.4 pertaining to adaptive historic features that would have existed during period in materials and fabrication methods.  Aug.-2015-No cost fixture sample on-hand donated to accommodate fund raising efforts.

Status: Commencement pending

Dates-10/10 to CURRENT


Project ID: PN23

Project type: Private Timber Residential

Site: Roaring River, NC

Scope of work: Based on site photometric determination, period themed fixture schedule was achieved and confirmed. Lighting plan secured subsequently initiated fulfillment and design of interior and exterior fixtures.

Pending would be the completion of additional interior wall and exterior post lighting.

Features include: Custom adaptive entry chandeliers, with over fourteen timber wall surface adaptive single electric candle sconces, plus custom exterior brass pendant lighting reflecting geometry of space and luminary requirements.

Also featured, are over eight custom Moravian window single electric candle lamps with included static loaded flexible mounting with custom cordage.    

Customer comments: P.Jones, property owner, verbal- “Very nice work,  appreciate the detail, and will update you on progress for front walk way regarding post lighting.”

Status: Pending-Budgeting

Dates-4/16 to CURRENT

Hrivnak Associates Ltd.-St. Charles, IL  60174

Project ID: PN49

Project type: California Contemporary Cluster residences

Site: Hrivnak Associates Ltd.-St. Charles, IL  60174

Scope of work: To originate in-house or 3rd party, custom exterior flush wall mounted dual purpose LED low energy, house number-egress decorative luminaire.

  • Adapt fixture to accommodate existing vertical angle sided surface mounting requirements.
  • Satisfy adaption of fixture to existing California contemporary architecture, permanence, longevity, limited maintenance, with all included UL approved parts and hardware with included brass lifetime wear finishing. 
  • Complete Lighting package requisitioning and shipping to physical site providing specified optional LED hardware to accommodate site installation.
  • Extend wholesale OEM costing direct based on total quantities configured to 420 pieces.
  • ROI complete in 4.6 years against energy savings combined with sustainability.
Status: Planning, adjustments and or budgeting
Dates-8/16 to 3/17
1870’s School House

Project ID: PN50

Project type: 1870’s School House

Site: Rodman, NY 13682

Scope of work: Based on period, region, and photometric requirements, exterior post, wall and interior ceiling locations are being design fulfilled with Oil-Camphene-adaptive fixtures.  Dimensions, site architectural elements, and luminance are designed to meet and exceed DOI CFR 67.4-Luminary features of the property that would have been used at the time of original construction. This would include exacting period methods of fabrication, to tinning rod joinery, with all included standard electrical components with grounding in meeting and exceeding wet UL1598 requirements.

Features include: Post Lantern is configured to exterior architectural geometry, with physical mounting location designed to accommodate egress luminary spread for an elevated approach.  Wall surface mounted Lantern includes adaptive features that blend to line of sight, combined with ornamental detail.

Status: Completed, final images pending
Dates-1/17 to CURRENT
1780’s Private-Residence

Project ID: PN51

Project type: 1780’s Private-Residence

Site: Fincastle, Va.

Scope of work: To accommodate interior or exterior mounting surfaces as would apply, proportioning and adapting to ceiling heights, character of period corridors, or gathering spaces. As additions have been made to original structure, some luminary requirements would speak to 18th or 19th centuries.

Status: Planning and budgeting
Dates-4/17 to CURRENT
PN53-Secure Turf Incorporated

Dates-4/17 to CURRENT 

Project ID: PN#53 R. Ray - Secure Turf Incorporated

Project type: Commercial Office

EC: Standard Lighting & Electric

Site: Indian Trail, NC.

Scope of work: Rustic organic interior and exterior assorted electric site designed fixture types.  Limits in illumination set by owners design use of interior architectural working space.  OEM Lighting Fixtures employed with initial phase meet and exceed energy and cost recovery factors as designed.  Balance in fixture scheduling as originated, anchors to growing exclusivity, with emphasis on marketing mission to the landscaping design marketplace. 

Status: In process


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