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Classic Timber
European Classical
Lighting the Period new construction or restoration if not planned early will easily result in deep void areas and gaps even with the best intentions for lighting coverage.

If the intent is to accurately live in the past, these voids as mentioned above may be tolerated, though with a price.
The nominal cost in pre-planning results in huge gains when it comes to energy, as in many cases after the fact…greater numbers of portable lighting units are required using increased energy. 
MC Felk Lighting & Design Group provides extremely important services to eliminate these issues, typically saving not only the time finding period specialty lighting but combines this with huge energy savings!

Project: Private Exclusive Period Residential

Project Name: Stewart– Winston-Salem, NC
Township: Lewisville

Description: Two Story Period 1800’s original, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Kitchen, Dining Room, Music Room, Gathering Room.


Complete total home period design project with included fixture styles pressing emphasis on low energy, low maintenance.

Design notes:

Based on photometric determination and luminary period design styles plus the confines of existing wired locations for type period home, illumination met the criteria of period, low energy, ease of installation with all necessary UL listed certified electrical components, parts and conformance testing for application.
L-Stewart mock image
Stewart period luminary proposal drawing

Detail left illustrates initial site layout of site specific fixtures based on the amount of lighting required and the following factors– room use, physical size and geometry, number of existing fixtures as an up-fit, floor wall and ceiling colors & textures.

This project was varied in luminary requirements with the strongest intent around the casual use and period esthetics with desired energy savings.

Heritage Moravian Design

Gathering Room in 2 locations
Left: Item# 101E
Moravian Sconce, takes 1-60 Watt max. candelabra bulb or Mini-CPF equivalent. 



Right: Halls
Item# 1051E-C1
Round Sconce Small, Electric single candle, takes 1-60 Watt max. candelabra bulbs.

105E Handcrafted Copper wall Sconce
Period Designed Moravian Chandeliers

Left: Hall Ceiling
Item# 520E-C4
12 in. Moravian Star Chandelier, 4-60 Watt electric candles (includes #405E canopy kit.)

Features: Ornamental Moravian star base supporting four completely concealed wired arms with ornamental turned crown assembly. Style type available in larger custom sizes having more than one tier.

Right: Over Dining Room Table, custom sized to accomodate 
Item# 533E-C6-405E
Large Anchor Colonial Style, takes 6-60 Watt electric candles. (includes #405E canopy kit)
Features: Completely wire concealed non-destructive flex-back arms with hammered drip pans and decorative crown assembly. Unit is available in multiple custom sizes and number of arms with custom ornamental details with ceiling mounting kits.


Period colonial site designed chandeliers

Hall Ceilings: Item# 302-46(3)E-3C1

4x6 Small Interior Salem Tavern Lantern candle box, Electric, takes single 60 Watt max. candelabra bulb, (Includes: Ceiling mount hardware and decorative fluted edged mounting pan.) [Notes: Candelabra bulbs changed via vertically side reciprocating glass panes.]

small ceiling flush lantern style

Top of Stairs:
Item# 300-461E-3C1-405E

4x6 Interior New England ceiling hung, electric, takes 1-60 Watt max. candelabra bulb. (Includes: #405E canopy kit) [Notes: Candelabra bulb change via side glass vertically reciprocating pane.]

custom period ceiling mounted lanterns

Kitchen: Over Island

Adjustable Pot Rack Storage & Lighting System

Design notes:
Concept in this design was to meet photometric lighting requirement for detail use over food preparation area, with out obstruction or shadowing typically from above recessed lighting if in ceiling.


Many Craftsman features exhibited as observed above right with hammered copper ornamental details. Flexible Utility was included into this storage system in providing hooks for up to 40 items of cookware with the means to traverse or move cookware allowing multi use of counter surface.

Fabricated structure is flexible to accommodate variable sizes in counter tops with included pivoting adjustable mini-spot down fixtures at each corner.


hammered copper detail custom flexible pot rack system
custom crown hammered copper detail

Item# 761-EH4-3-C2-405E-4(408E)

Ornamental Handcrafted medium duty fully adjustable custom pot rack system. Takes 4 each high energy efficient 12v MR-11, 35 watt halogen mini adjustable spots. Dual inset candelabra with stages as back lighting against ornamental detail if controlled separately. Takes two CA-8 60 watt max flame twist or CPF mini twist candelabra bulbs.


Rendering right exhibits profile for all ornamental handcrafted details as arranged in custom size to accommodate ceiling height and L X Width of kitchen island with out intrusion to perimeter access by user.

Features: 4 lateral pot-hanging rails containing 5 each dual side yoke hanger hooks capable of supporting 40 pieces of cookware. Complete system is hung by 4 independent outer mini canopies, with single ornamental large main hung canopy center.

pot rack sysem drawing profile view
custom copper low energy wall sconce

Left: Dining Room Walls
Item# 1500EH-FC1

Floral Crowned Sconce, takes 1-energy efficient single 12volt MR-11, 20Watt halogen inset, and 1-60watt max. candelabra bulb front stage. Features: Internal wall wash halogen unit, supplying utility with decorative period balance in a single front period candle. Grouped with pot rack system as shown on page seven.

Right: Ceiling Corner cove lighting
Item# 380-7103E-3C2-405E
Interior Salem Lamp Lighters Lantern, Ceiling hung, Electric, Non-banded glass, takes 2-40 watt max. candelabra bulbs. (Includes: #405E canopy kit with electric mounting hardware.) [Notes: Access to glass is by hinged glass base door)

Salem Lamp Lighters Lantern

Room View Far Right:
Shows dual use as achieved in concept for design in providing upper wall wash with high output down illumination for reading or other detailed tasks.

Timber naturally absorbs high levels of natural and ambient light, thus upper wall/ceiling wash component serves as a dual task fixture for a single junction box when few exist. 

Right center top: Item# 300-464EH1-2-(400EH1)
4x6 Interior New England Wall Mount Lantern; hung by hanger ring w/concealed wire, takes 1-MR11, 12 volt Halogen 35 watt down in lantern cabinet, also (#400EH1-Interior Halogen lantern flush wall mounting arm) takes single MR11, 12 volt 20 watt.)

Custom period wall LED Lanterns site image of custom copper lantern
Custom wall LED copper lanterns

Right center middle: Item# 300-464EH1-2-(400EH)
4x6 Interior New England Wall Mount hung by hanger ring w/concealed wire, electric, takes 1-MR11, 12volt Halogen 35watt down in lantern cabinet. Includes: (#400EH-Interior Halogen transformer flush wall mounting arm.)
Features: Open lantern base box & ornamental mounting hardware.

Right: Exhibits profile of design rendered for finished Lantern center above. 

custom drawn copper lanterns
Custom Wild Birds Design Sconce
Item# 1322E-QC1-Lft./Rt.
Quail Sconce Swing Wall Lamp, takes 1-60 Watt max. candelabra bulb. (Includes: Two pole rotary flush mounted base switch plus #VNB657-4400 Candelabra shade.
Features: Quill holder located on wall plate for 2 actual quail feathers, not included.
Right: Item# 1122E-C1-Lft./Rt.
Shaker Sconce Swing Wall Lamp, takes 1-60 Watt max. candelabra bulb. (Includes: Same features as above less hammered sculpture and frame design.
custom copper wall swing arm sconces
Item# 300-691E-1C1
6x9 Interior New England Glass Table Lantern Lamp: electric, takes 1-60 Watt max. candelabra bulb in cabinet.
Right End:
Item# 300-491E-1C1
4x9 Interior New England Table Lantern, electric, takes 1-60 Watt max. Candelabra bulb. 
(The above table fixtures Include: 8 ft. Black SPT2 18-2 cord & roll switch, 3 interior glass panes, plus felt table surface protective pads.)
[Notes: Candelabra bulb change via side rear vertically reciprocating panel door.]
Notes: Many model types also available include optional full styled lamp stem assemblies having harp and shade hardware with dual controlled lower candle and upper full sized A19 bulb.
portable copper custom lanterns portable pewter lanterns

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