The following would be a short list sampling of custom landmark commercial and private projects:

(Additional supporting images available upon request in defining total project application, lighting, fixture design services)

Dates- 3/1997 to 6/1997

Project type: Custom Period Museum

Site: 1774-Charlotte Museum of History, Hezekiah Alexander Home site

Scope of work:  Over a dozen interior period custom electric candle fixtures.

Customer comments:

K. Carmichael-Director during period/new installation: “Great fit….completely satisfied!”

Table Lamps produced for the Historic-Brookstown-Inn

Dates-8/2000 to 11/2000 

Site: 1837- Historic Brookstown Inn, Old Salem, NC

Scope of work:  71 custom interior Lancaster Pennsylvania period dual controlled table lamps with shades.  Locations placed include all guest rooms.

Customer comments:

C. Hogan-Marketing Manager, Director during period/new installation:

“Lighting has met and exceeded our expectations, quite satisfied as all pieces look great!  Patrons enjoy the dual control light at desks for business or casual light”


Dates- 5/2003 to 7/2003

Project type: Private Hospitality

Site:  1840 – Tailors Lodging Bed & Breakfast, Abington, Va.

Scope of work: Completed custom great room and guest room chandeliers and wall sconces

Customer comments:

R & S Humphreys- Owners

“We are completely satisfied, and always receive compliments by our patrons.”

Custom pendants, sconces at the Raffaldini-Vineyards-Winery

Dates- 3/2004 to 4/2004

Project type:  Commercial Vineyard Tasting Room

Site: Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery

Scope of work:  Custom viticulture pendants and wall lighting

Customer comments: 

L.Draughn– Interior designer, during new installation

 “Satisfaction is high, as match was greatly expressed for this application.”

Ornamental fabrication fayetteville transportation museum

Dates-3/2004 to 6/2004

Project type: Regional Museum

Site:  1890 Museum of Transportation Fayetteville, NC

Scope of work: Sculpted replication of original period gable peak ornamental onion measuring

12ft-total Ht. x 3ft-Wd.

Customer comments:

  1. C.Hampton-Project manager

“Equal to original, very satisfied!”

       2.  B.Rakes- Architect

“Great effort, as customer is well pleased.”

Custom –chandeliers- sconces- wall lanterns- for-bethania-visitors- center

Dates- 6/2004 to 10/2004

Project type: Government local

Site: 1799 Wolff-Moser House, Bethania Visitors Center, Bethania, NC

Scope of work: Reproduced period elliptic mirror wall sconces from specimen provided, corridor ceiling flush interior & exterior period lanterns.

Customer comments: 

  1. K.Keller-Town of Bethania,

“Very satisfied, and will recommend work to the Bethania Mill across the street”.

      2.  B.Rakes- Architect

“Customers made great comments to accent and satisfaction.”

Custom chandeliers, lanterns for clayton farm

Dates- 9/2004 to 11/2004

Project type: Private Historic site

Site:  1860 Historic Clayton Farm, Stanleyville, NC

Scope of work:  Originated period styled interior Chandeliers, wall sconces, and exterior wall lanterns.

Customer comments:

  1. K.Clayton- Owner

“Very satisfied with all work as a great match, and have enjoyed!”

       2. B.Rakes- Architect

“Really great effort and support with customer, thank you!”

Custom chandeliers sconces post lanterns bethania cornwallis house

Dates- 11/2004 to 12/2004, & 9/2011 to 12/2011

Project type: Private Historic site

Site: 1759 Leon T. Butner house, locally refereed as the Cornwallis house, Bethania, NC

Scope of work: Period interior wall sconces, ceiling chandeliers, and exterior Lanterns.

Customer comments: 

M & M Leonard-Owners

“Continue to enjoy and receive great complements with your work”

Custom chandeliers sconces voglar gunshop old salem nc

Dates- 1/2005 to 4/2005

Project type: Private Regional Historic site

Site: 1797 Christoph Vogler House and Workshop, Old Salem, NC

Scope of work: Custom period interior wall sconces, ceiling chandeliers, and lanterns.    

Customer comments:

G&G Dinkins, owners

“Really worked out to match our aims, especially in our library and dining rooms.”

Custom Chandeliers pendants wall lanterns Dixie Classic Fairgrounds

Dates- 6/2005 to 8/2005

Project type: Gov. Public 

Site: 1800’s -Yesterday Village, DCF, Winston-Salem, NC

Multiple structures including one-room church house, general store, post office & two story tin-shop.

Scope of work: Theme matched custom verdigris copper period handcrafted interior ceiling chandeliers, wall sconces and exterior wall and ceiling mounted lanterns.

Customer comments:

D.Sparks-DCF Acting Director served at time of project

“Accents the environment well, and very pleased with the results in project”

Custom Chandeliers Bethania Moravian Church-Bethania NC

Dates- 10/2006 to 11/2006

Project type: Public Ecclesiastical

Site: 1806- Bethania Moravian Church, Bethania, NC

Scope of work: Custom Moravian Chandeliers

Customer comments:

P.Oehman- BMC Administrator

“Thanks so much for giving the church a discount and for doing such beautiful work. Your lights add so much to these two rooms and will be items of pleasure for years and years to come.”

Custom Chandliers sconces wall post lanterns granite falls transportation museum

Dates- 1/2007 to 4/2007

Project type: Public Museum

Site: 1790 Andrew Baird Home, Museum of Transportation, Granite Falls, NC

 Scope of work: Period interior wall sconces, ceiling chandeliers and exterior wall, post mounted lanterns.

Customer comments:

  1. L.Story-Town Manager

“Very pleased with installation, and fit for this site.”

      2.  B. Rakes- Architect

“Client thought that efforts to accommodate budget and exterior lighting was appreciated”

Custom ceiling lanterns Rockford General Store Rockford NC

Dates- 4/2007 to 6/2007

Project type: Public Historic Site

Site: 1890 Rockford General Store, Rockford, NC

Scope of work:  Period Oil electric ceiling mounted interior lanterns

Customer comments:


“Lanterns worked out good, very satisfied!”

Custom pillister exterior post lighting

Dates- 12/2007 to 3/2008

Project type:  Private Landscape Lighting

Site:  Marathon, FL

Scope of work:  Contemporary dark sky low energy post mounted exterior fixture

Customer comments:

S.Marturano-Project Manager- Design Source 

“Good fit for application, and completely satisfied.”

Period Restoration Natural Gas Exterior Wall Lanterns

Dates- 10/2006 to 8/2008

Project type:  Private Leisure Residence

Site: Lake Norman

Scope of work:  Restoration turnkey Wall mounted Gasoliers

Customer comments:

L & J Hendrix, Owners

“Quite pleased with results, and support during entire project…”

Custom Orbiting drum Wall sconces Pelham Bay Golf Bronx NY

Dates- 7/2007-12/2007

Site: Pelham Bay Golf Clubhouse, Bronx, NY

Project type:  Commercial Private Golf Resort

Scope of work:  Custom copper orbiting wall mounted drum luminaries

Customer comments:

M.Wickware-Project Manager- GC- ICS Builders

“Fixtures have been well received with complete satisfaction”

Custom sconces post lighting bethania mill

Dates- 2/2008 to 3/2008

Project type: Historic Commercial Office & Retail

Site: Historic 1899 Lehman-Butner Mill, Bethania, NC

Scope of work: Period Oil electric wall lighting and exterior cedar post lanterns.

Customer comments:

M.West, Architect-Owner

“Quite pleased, as hallways and parking lots look great, will advise as future efforts result”

Design & Luminary Support Services Upgraded:

From June of 94 to the present, MCFelk L&D has completed many private residential properties located in the piedmont triad to leisure projects along the Blue Ridge Parkway of North Carolina.

Having learned the hardships over the years first hand from residential and commercial clients in obtaining custom and non-custom lighting fixture packages timely, from multiple suppliers, a unique platform in support services would prove to save weeks and $1,000’s.  Such services would be innovative and earn back its value, during and at the conclusion of the project.

Lighting Package Fulfillment Town Place Suites Mooresville NC

Dates-5/2009 to 10/2009

Project ID: PN18

Project type:  Large Commercial Hospitality

Site:  Marriott-Town Place Suites Hotel, Mooresville, NC

Scope of work: Complete Hotel Lighting Package fulfillment and Project on-site services.

Lighting Package value: $98,000.00 Material saving: $56,000.00 Cost recovery savings: $42,000.00

Customer comments:  

Architects: Isom Ham Design Group

Products & Support:  Hotel Lighting Fixture Package Fulfillment (LPF) (POS)

  1. D.Isom –Principle Owner/Architect

“The lighting portion of the job went very smooth. I was very pleased with Michael Felk’s efforts and his knowledge and responses. I would give him an A+ for the job.”

Electrical Contractor:  Standard Electric

        2. D.Stutts-Principle Superintendent/Owner

Services:  Complete Lighting Package Fulfillment (LPF) (POS)

“I would highly recommend Michael of MC Felk L&D because of the work he did for me on the Marriott TPS.   He was on top of every aspect of the lighting package from ordering the fixtures to making sure each fixture was in the correct spot and ready for my workers to install it.  Even when the owners changed things at the last minute, Michael would give me a date that the fixtures were supposed to arrive and to my amazement things showed up on as promised, if not before that date.  I would have to say that with Michael Felk’s help the entire job went very smooth.  I would definitely use MCFelk again and I look forward to it.” 

Lighting Package Fulfillment CSA Horizon Mooresville NC

Dates- 12/2009 to 3/2010

Project ID: PN22

Project type: Commercial Office

Site: Offices- CSA Horizon, Mooresville, NC

Scope of work:  Lighting assessment & design services, Lighting Package fulfillment & Project on-site services.

Lighting Package value: $12,000.00 Material saving: $3,000.00 Cost recovery savings: $5,500.00

Customer comments:

  1. D.Allman- Executive Vice President

Services completed:  Site Photometric Design and fixture Layout

“I was completely satisfied with the attention given and the exacting fit for our lighting plan.”

Electrical Contractor:  Floyd Medlin Electric

       2.  C.Medlin-Principle Superintendent

Services:  Complete Lighting Package Fulfillment (LPF) (POS)

“Appreciate the services in making sure all material was on the job as required….all went well, customers are completely satisfied.”

Custom 3rd party ceiling Charlotte-B Hawkins Museum Sedalia NC

Dates- 3/2011 to 7/2011

Project ID: PN24

Project type:  NC Historic Site/Government

Site:  Charlotte B Hawkins Museum, Sedalia, NC

Scope of work: Period Luminary design and fixture fulfillment.  An approximate duplicate or upgrade was produced from period sample provided as observed above.

Customer comments:

F.Scott- Site manager

 “We are completely satisfied with the look and fit for our ceiling fixtures.  Patrons have complemented on quality.”

Custom OEM-3rd party Wake Forest University Reynolda Hall

Dates- 5/2012 to 1/2013

Project ID: PN260

Project type:  Institutional Private University

Site: Wake Forest University-Reynolda Hall

Scope of work:  Custom designed direct OEM third party story board low energy CFL/LED drum bulb pendants.  Designed to accommodate corridor widths, with included laser cut exclusive Wake Forest logos and motifs’, with custom finishing in antique bronze.  Features include:  Debris inhibiting diffusers, with easy access for long term sustainability and maintenance.  

Included Services:  Custom luminary engineering, fixture design drawing, complete proposal brokered fulfillment, and installation support.

Customer comments:

1.   J. Stem-Architect, West & Stem Architects PLLC 

“Great results, and will certainly retain services on future efforts”

2.  G. Scott- At time served-WFU facilities director

“Extremely satisfied with the performance of MCFELK-L&D, and the level of services & reachability. Will keep MCFelk L&D on our bid list.”

Custom Island wall mounted HID Lighting System Private

Dates- 3/2013 to 7/2014

Project ID: PN27-28

Project type: Private Residence

Site: Lenoir, NC

Scope of work: Based on photometric determination of luminary requirements custom site specific interior luminaries where designed to accommodate both a kitchen/bar area plus stairway egress entrance. Both fixtures included design features that married to interior architectural elements.  

Features include: Kitchen/Bar- Luminary tile array with custom pivoting cantilever iron frame structure with heavy aged hard pine beam plus custom stained marble side textured glass lenses.  Stairway egress- includes aged pine trim inset panels built on a column with four stages accommodating single luminary each. Included Services: Custom luminary engineering and design specifications, fabrication, finishing, plus site set-up and installation assistance support.                                                                                       

Customer comments:

Dr. R&A-Dacus, property owners: “We are thoroughly happy with our beautiful fixtures!”

Custom Wall Post Ceiling Mounted Lanterns Conover Farm Middletown NJ

Dates- 10/2013 to 11/2015

Project ID: PN36

Project type: Historic private residence

Site: 1800’s Conover House, Middle town, NJ

Scope of work: Based on remote site assessment information and period architectural elements, exterior and interior wall, post, and ceiling mounted copper site specific lanterns where designed, and fulfilled.  Features include: Tailored Lantern cabinet geometry and dimensions to accommodate global architectural details, physical dimensions, and historic period. Special features: Main entrance wall mounted Lanterns included hammered and period painted coat of arms family crest medallion as historically spoken to reformation ancestral folk art.   

Included Services: Custom luminary engineering and design specifications, fabrication, and custom copper finishing. 

Customer comments:

Mr. & Mrs. J & C Parker, property owners

“Michael’s attention to the detail, design & authenticity of his work is way beyond what you typically find.

His work is truly custom in every respect. He possesses a broad depth of knowledge in the historical accuracy, both in use, function and manufacture. I always’ learn something after speaking with him!”

Custom ceiling mounted pendants lanterns wall sconces Macktown Historic Heritage Center Rockton, ILL.

Dates- 3/2014 to 12/2015

Project ID: PN32

Project type: Public Museum- Macktown Historic Heritage Center

Site: 1830’s Steven’s School, Granary and Shop, Rockton, ILL.

Scope of work: Site adaptive Interior period candle electric wall sconces, ceiling chandeliers, and table mounted fixtures.

Features include: Period school house luminaries, as fashioned in historic materials, and finished in aged patinas as would be reflected for the 1830’s.

Included built-in Services as provided: Worked in cooperation with Architect- Hrivnak & Associates, Ltd to assess and design plus fulfill custom site specific luminaries based on photometric determination, area use, and physical interior ceiling heights to total area. Limits in illumination set by concurrent use and application. Resulting schedule produces twenty six original count plus adds equaling twenty four adaptive and exacting fixture types meeting Department of Interiors standards CFR-67.4 pertaining to adaptive historic features that would have existed during period in materials and use.

Customer comments:

RA-Ferguson-President, Macktown Living History Museum. 

 “Lighting fixtures have been the smoothest component in this project; with intend to include services on future projects as they are developing.”

Custom exterior wall post ceiling lanterns Moravian Historic Phillip Hoehn’s House Clemmons NC

Dates- 8/2014-3/2015

Project ID: PN37

Project type: Private Historic Residential

Site: 1798 Moravian Historic Phillip Hoehn’s House also known as the Historic Piedmont House, Clemmons NC.  

Scope of work: Period site adaptive exterior post and surface wall mounted candle electric.

Features include: Custom proportion and profile to exterior Germanic architectural features as observed in region associated with the Moravian community of Old Salem, NC. Resulting schedule produces eleven adaptive fixture types meeting Department of Interiors standards CFR-67.4 pertaining to adaptive historic features that would have existed during period in materials and contrivances. Included built-in Services as provided: Worked in cooperation with owners, to assess and design plus fulfill custom site specific luminaries based on user defined preferences and materials. User defined illumination satisfied period esthetic goals with flexibility to alter emission by controls or bulb type. Fulfillment included site delivery of all fixtures, mounting hardware, bulbs, and proper mounting instructions and documentation.

Customer comments:

T.Gray:  “As a serious collector of 18th and 19th century lighting fixtures, I am simply overwhelmed by the expertise and extraordinary talents of MCFelk. I consider Michael the single finest Tinsmith in North Carolina!”

Custom wall ceiling sconces lanterns salt flax home shop Old Salem NC

Dates- 9/2014-10/2015

Project ID: PN35 MB Bullock

Project type: Private Historic Registry Residential

Site: 1850’s Salt Flax Home and Shop, Historic District of Old Salem, NC

Scope of work: Site mixed period Interior and exterior assorted oil/candle/gasolier electric wall, flush and pendant ceiling mounted fixtures through-out. Limits in illumination set by users design authority and application.  Exterior fixture type meets COA of WS-HP, and types in use by the historic community of Old Salem, located in Winston-Salem NC.  Resulting schedule produces twenty one adaptive fixture types as would apply to user and designer requirements.

Features include: Tight to ceiling and or wall physical custom dimensional limits, combined with easy access for maintenance and use. Single exterior wall mounted welcome lantern includes custom site specific feature to adapt to historic communities period wall fastening standard.

Included built-in Services as provided: Worked in cooperation with Architect- Calloway Johnson Moore, PA and owner, to assess and design plus fulfill custom site specific luminaries based area use, materials, physical interior limits be they ceiling heights, or stairway widths to total area. Provided support to the EC in marking rough physical mounting locations for all fixtures. Fulfillment included site delivery with included fixture mounting hardware, bulbs, mounting layout schedule, plus all installation instructions and documentation as attached.  

Customer comments:

Owner -M.B.Bullock:

The period lighting fixtures more than satisfy, and I am well pleased…In fact the only part of the restoration effort that exceeding my expectations in both product and professionalism was the lighting!”

Support Services comments:

J.W. Sowers-AIA, Design Architect, Calloway Johnson Moore & West, PA., “Thanks for a successful project!”

Custom ceiling chandelier Historic Sandusky Lynchburg VA

Dates-6/2015 thru 8/2015

Project ID: PN41

Project type: Commercial-Museum

Site: 1850’s Historic Sandusky- Lynchburg, VA

Scope of work: Based on historic period, physical interior scape, and photometric determination, the adaptive fixture used was originated from period drawings of resale argand burner fixture styles of the period.  The resultant dual head fixture accommodates ceiling height, plus luminance by the use of flame height equivalent 50T4/C Low energy Halogen bulbs as provided to accommodate space using proper dimmer controls. Fulfillment included site luminary design support to accommodate both decorative lighting values and dimensional space. Fixture upon release included all fixture mounting hardware, bulbs, plus installation instructions and documentation.

Customer comments:

G. Starbuck-Director:  Very pleased… Emailed: People ask about where we got the lamp and will direct them to you.

Custom exterior wall sconces N Freer Design Consulting Panama City Beach Fl

Dates-11/2015 to 1/2016

Project ID: PN46

Project type: Private Design Residential

Site: N. Freer Design & Consulting, Panama City Beach, Fl.

Scope of work: Custom adaptive architectural elements and physical features of a Greek Aegean style residence are features in a series of exterior low energy egress wall mounted sconces fulfilled. Support services included adaptive exterior low energy wet product design, plus fulfillment.

Status: Installed complete.

Customer comments:

N. Freer, owner of N-Freer Design & Consulting: “Very professional and great to work with!  I will reach out in the future for other projects! Thank you very much!”

Custom Carbide Electric Ceiling Matthew Clayton House Rural Hall NC

Dates-10/2015 to 10/2016

Project ID: PN45

Project type: Private Historic Registry Residential

Site: 1830’s Historic Matthew C. Clayton Main-House, Rural Hall, NC

Scope of work: Based on historic period, physical interior scape, and photometric determination, the adaptive fixtures used for front main door entrance was originated from period archive site image, and associated resale carbide burner fixture styles of the period.  The resultant fixture types are equal to what would have been used for a rural carbide fixture profile as used in region during the 1830’s. These adaptive carbide electric fixture types meet and exceed the DOI CFR 67.4-Luminary requirements when such requirements are enforced.  Carbide electric fixtures are scaled to accommodate ceiling heights, period copper and or brass antique finishing combined with exacting photometric luminance by the use of flame height equivalent 50T4/C Low energy Halogen bulbs.  Additional theme or period essence is accomplished with recommended dimmer controls.

Customer comments:

C. Clayton, property owner, Written Review: Fixtures completed met and exceeded my expectations based on period detail and artisan form.  Recommendation to family, acquaintances, or friends would result.

Custom Arch Lant post Lanterns Oliver Miller Homestead South Park PA

Dates-6/2015 to 10/2016

Project ID: PN40

Project type: Commercial-Museum

Site: 1772 Oliver Miller Homestead-site of the Whiskey Rebellion, South Park, PA.

Scope of work: Fulfilled all period site adaptive exterior post mounted candle electric Lanterns respecting historic CFR-67 features of original Homestead site. In addition to Lanterns period specific cedar posts also included as designed.

Status: Installation complete, with pending additional fixture to cover all egress with same adaptive type.

Customer comments:

J.Hancsak- Director-  “Everything has been installed and looks great!  The membership is extremely pleased with the Posts and Lanterns!  The Homestead has taken on an all new look, especially at night!” 

Custom ceiling chandlers portable table lantern lamps GC Prim Jr

Dates-12/2015 to 7/2016

Project ID: PN47

Project type: Private Residential

Site: GC Prim Jr., Yadkinville, NC

Scope of work: Custom themed Moravian ceiling chandeliers, portable period correct candle and electric portable table lamps.

Features: All pieces reflect custom art perforation including coat of arms representing three family groups in addition to Logos of Colleges attended, plus crests reflecting fields of study.

Customer comments:

GC Prim Jr., property owner- “Really amazing detail, and appreciate craftsmanship, really exceeded expectations.”

Lighting Design support with LPF-3rd-party OE

Dates- 5/2017 to 6/2017

Project ID: PN53

Project type: Commercial Office

Site: Indian Trail, NC.

Scope of work: Scope of work: Lighting assessment & design services, Lighting Package fulfillment & Project on-site services.

Lighting Package value: $12,926.00 Material saving: $2,585.00

Services completed:  Site Photometric Design with custom luminaries to dealer costing plus total fixture layout with proposed and pending as in budget organic low energy pendants and wall mounted lighting to rustic design theme as confirmed.

Customer comments:

R.Ray- President

We are excited about the installation of the selections you specs for our project (and sincere thanks for the value engineering areas you were able to uncover!).  Everything looks fantastic!

Custom Ceiling wall post mounted lanterns School House Rodman NY

Dates- 8/2016 to 8/2017

Project ID: PN50

Project type: 1870’s School House

Site: Rodman, NY 13682

Scope of work: Based on period, region, and photometric requirements, exterior post, wall and interior ceiling locations are being design fulfilled with Oil-Camphene-adaptive fixtures.  Dimensions, site architectural elements, and luminance are designed to meet and exceed DOI CFR 67.4-Luminary features of the property that would have been used at the time of original construction. This would include exacting period methods of fabrication, to tinning rod joinery, with all included standard electrical components with grounding in meeting and exceeding wet UL1598 requirements.

Features include: Post Lantern is configured to exterior architectural geometry, with physical mounting location designed to accommodate egress luminary spread for an elevated approach.  Wall surface mounted Lantern includes adaptive features that blend to line of sight, combined with ornamental detail.

Customer comments:

D. Nelson: “The lights are absolutely gorgeous!  I was just extolling your work to an architect in Ann Arbor.  …I love your work!”

Custom ceiling pendants wall sconces private Fincastle Va

Dates- 4/2017 to 5/2020 

Project ID: PN51

Project type: 1830’s Private-Residence and office

Site: Fincastle, Va.

Scope of work: To accommodate interior ceiling and wall surface lighting as would apply, proportioning and adapting to ceiling heights, character of period corridors, and working spaces. As additions have been made to original structure built in the late 18th century, some luminary requirements would speak to early 19th century.

Customer comments: B.Rakes: Great job! 

Custom chandelier sconces lanterns Mennonite Heritage Center Harrisonburg VA

Dates- 9/2013 to 9/2017 Planning, completion: 9/2017 to 2/2019

Project ID: PN33 Mennonite Heritage Center

Project type: Commercial-Museum

Site:  1850’s- Mennonite Heritage Center and Museum, Harrisonburg, VA.

Scope of work: Period fixture layout and location schedules from results in photometric requirements in meeting guaranteed interior illumination for both period museum and multi-use areas. Resulting schedule produces over fifty adaptive and exacting fixture types meeting Department of Interiors standards CFR-67.4 pertaining to adaptive historic features that would have existed during period in materials and fabrication methods. Starting in Aug.-2015-No cost fixture sample was supplied on-hand as donated to accommodate fund raising efforts.

Customer Comments:

G. Yoder -Board of Directors: “Fixtures have totally satisfied the look as intended, and would be completely satisfied..”

Custom ceiling chandeliers private residence pinnacle nc

Dates- 8/2018-12/2018

Project ID: PN57

Project type: Private-Residence

Site:  Pinnacle, NC

Scope of work: Custom ceiling chandeliers as proposed based on photometric requirements in meeting guaranteed interior illumination for multi-use areas.

Customer Comments:

R&R Mock-Property Owners: “Fixtures are simply beautiful and have really enjoyed.”

Custom Argand ceiling chandelier George Elias Nissen House Lewisville nc

Dates- 8/2018-10/2019

Project ID: PN59 Nissen House Historic Site

Project type: Commercial-Museum

Site: 1850-1870’s George Elias Nissen House, Lewisville, NC

Scope of work: Period fixture layout and location schedules from results in photometric requirements in meeting guaranteed interior illumination for both period museum and all multi-use areas. Resulting schedule produces over six adaptive and exacting fixture types meeting Department of Interiors standards CFR-67.4 pertaining to adaptive historic features that would have existed during period in materials and fabrication methods.

Customer Comments:

S. Linker -Board of Directors: “We thank you for your patience and courtesy during this long process..and will make sure to recommend.”

Custom Friesian chandelier sconces private timber residence

Dates- 10/2019-Current 

Project ID: PN60

Project type: Private Timber Residential

Site: Mount Airy, NC

Scope of work: Based on site photometric determination, period themed fixture schedule was achieved and confirmed, in two potential phases. Lighting plan secured subsequently initiated fulfillment and design of a main Timber-Friesian 8 Head-19th century rustic petrol oil Chandelier, to accommodate luminary value as determined in space or equitably having a ceiling height of twenty two feet. Also, custom timber sconces also apportioned to accommodate living space entrance.

Features include: Custom dual sided copper Friesian sculptured panels four each as applied to four mounting locations traversing circumference, plus accompanying iron cross bracing, equally at four opposite locations on same axis. Particularly unique in this design would be the wood turning of locust, a hard wood generally avoided when lengths are extended, and column boring is required. Chandelier measuring over six feet in diameter was designed to fold up like an umbrella for easy shipping and setup. Arms included easy leveling fasteners to set with other structure components when installed.

Customer comments: W & K Gillis- property owners- “These are amazing!!! I love them so much!”

Custom proposed chandeliers private residence 22ft-ceiling

Dates-In process budget planning 

Project ID: PN56

Project type: Private-Residence

Site: Wingate, NC

Scope of work: Working by design to properly illuminate multi-use spaces, specific to elevated 22ft. ceiling heights requiring exacting photometric to proportion luminary geometry with client desired features and structural elements to accommodate interior architecture.
Custom locations proposed based on total luminary emission, balanced with efficacy requirements in meeting guaranteed interior illumination with inherent overall payback in energy savings combined with overall structural equity.

Status: 3rd Party Proposed Specifications supplied with budget planning pending

Custom craftsman copper moravian stars

Dates-7/15-Annually to present 


Project type: Commercial-Ornamental fabrication

Site: Winston-Salem, NC

Background: As the Winston Salem Open Tennis Tournament is a regional & international event specific to the city of Winston-Salem, the cities heritage is one of international importance regarding the establishment of the 17th century Moravian settlement of Old Salem. The Moravians originate from the former Provence of Moravia located in the country of Bohemia, current day Czech Republic.

Scope of work: From the original 19th century Moravian Star, fabricate in copper to original specifications two sizes and quantities.   

Customer comments: K. Schultz-“They are perfect! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help in this department!”

Status: Design rendering approved, patterns developed, layout, fabrication, completion

Custom craftsman copper exterior lanterns

Dates- 5/21-12/21 

Project ID: PN61

Project type: Private-Residence

Site: Winston-Salem, NC

Scope of work: Exterior wall surface mounted lanterns   

Description: Exterior Copper Craftsman Hexagonal flush wall mounted, ridged medium duty hanger mounted, ornamental electric wall wash lantern. Takes 1-ea. 100W max. A19 Standard incandescent or LED-CFL equivalent bulb.  

Includes– Decorative air port vents provided to crown enclosure with six straight Hexagonal custom wavy clear glass panes, wall mounting plate with custom cover plus all mounting hardware with fasteners. ID: 31C7D84E1-2-404

Customer comments: M.Obien- “The fixtures are great and we’re quite proud of them. Thank you!”

Status: Site Review completed, Design rendering approved, patterns developed, layout, fabrication, completion

Custom proposed chandeliers private residence 22ft-ceiling

Dates- 6/21-Current 

Project ID: PN62

Project type: Private-Residence

Site: Yadkinville, NC

Scope of work: Custom ceiling and wall lighting to meet and exceed luminary requirements specific to interior timber architecture. Includes- Photometric design per room to meet user special luminary needs against application combined with design features and elements specific to owner’s timber construction application for general purpose to casual luminance.  

Status: Site plan review, custom luminary rough out renderings, approval of designs, pending final approval in formal design process.


19th Century Oil chandelier electrified

Dates- 5/21-7/21 

Project ID: PN64 Nissen House Historic Site

Project type: Commercial-Museum

Site: 1850-1870’s George Elias Nissen House, Lewisville, NC

Scope of work: Restoration of a period Bradley Hubbard 1870’s Kerosene LED-Conversion- Chandelier

Includes: Component design adapting conventional modern parts to period 19th century hardware.

Customer comments: R.Mock- “The chandelier was installed in the Nissen House this morning.  It is absolutely wonderful!!  It is the jewel of the parlor.  Can’t thank you enough for your assistance.  Please come see it.”

Status: Facilitation in cost, component patterns completed, assembly, completion


Large Custom proposed chandelier great room

Dates- 9/21-Current 

Project ID: PN64 Nissen House Historic Site

Project ID: PN63

Project type: Private-Residence

Site: Thurmond, NC

Scope of work: Custom Grand ceiling Chandelier to meet and exceed luminary requirements specific to interior timber beam mountain architecture. Includes- Photometric luminary design to meet user interior architectural space with consideration of mountain theme essence combined with owner’s application for general purpose to casual luminance. Design Confirmed: Custom Copper Iron 5 Ft. Diameter Simpatico Chandelier, Theme elements-Moravian, Mountain, Stone Mountain Pine Cones with Needles. Ornamental features: Pine cones to hammered and textured.
Status: Site plan review, custom luminary renderings finished, approval of design, fabrication sample of design element, approval of feature, pattern design process with structure underway

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