“Who can be the company owner’s advocate… when the marginal losses are continuous and invisible?”  MC Felk

NOTICE: The following services information would apply to qualified projects only, thus to qualify contact to learn if services are available based on the physical location, and lighting package value of your project.

MC Felk Lighting works as your advocate and facilitator for your total lighting package fulfillment requirements saving $1000’s.

Introducing: EC and or Owner Lighting Package Fulfillment-(LPF) Services:

Working to fulfill lighting package requirements for commercial clients has saved our clients financially, and most importantly huge hours of invisible invariable labor, rework, and delays in paid staff and suppliers.

Currently money is shrinking on most projects, and the invisible invariable labor factor must be removed by every possible means, and earned back!

MC Felk Lighting brings a full suite of services to the table in fulfilling these requirements and most importantly at the earned or recovered cost to you!.

Do you want financial pay back for once on weak project returns and or material losses, learn more below on how services save $1000’s?

Diagram reflects project cycle components mitigated or addressed in program:

Lighting Package Fulfillment

Ok.. I own an Electrical Contracting firm or would be the property owner, boil it down, time is money, what are the specific benefits in LPF that would financially recover invariable labor from paid employees combined with material chain… recovering proven $1000’s.

Lighting Package Brokerage Services- Working direct with OEMS saving principle represented typically at minimum 25% off typical supply house best in cost post secured project bid.

Taking above savings and adding to PFS-POS labor cost recovery by the following:

  • Lighting Fixture Package Facilitation Services (PFS)- Requisitioning, Lighting Fixture Purchasing, Affirming parts schedule, Supplier Confirmation, Parts routing and or shipping, Common Carrier logistics to the job site.

Includes: routine communications by phone, email or text to key site persons regarding material disbursement based on site schedule coordination.

  • Package On-Site Services (POS) – Receiving services & Disbursement, site specified EC installation location designations and reference markings and organization. 

Features: Freight services coordination, site package check off and count affirmation, site package disbursement, Shortages and returns with product support and technical assistance.

Includes: routine communications by phone, email or text to key site persons regarding material flow and delivery schedules.

FREE-Optional no cost to EC Indirect services included to your customer, as authorized: Custom Luminary Design services, including though not limited to, Photo-metric evaluations, lighting site planning, custom luminary design, in house or third party luminary manufacturing and testing, site set up, delivery and technical support.


Q-What do the above proven services cost in saving me $1,000s, thus recovering my investment in your services?

ANS: Contact us direct to obtain nominal daily fees for above services, as based on your specific project requirements and date of completion. MC Felk L&D, is self-insured against physical risk to health, including transportation, requires no workers compensation, would be defined as a 3rd party contracted labor service.

Q-Our Electrical Contracting firm already employs an expeditor and or other personnel, plus closely regulates wastes in the process, why would I invest in LPF?

ANS: LPF services from MCFelk L&D is a top down approach, supporting existing or overburdened staff as a company advocate for whom only is ultimately worth the recovered time and money in the process. Naturally if such process failed to prove successful on merit, you would suspend such advocate on any future projects outside the one served if given the opportunity.

Q-I have never heard of Lighting Package Fulfillment services as you define, how do I know it renders ROI in the current process of large Electrical Lighting Package processes?

ANS: Electrical Contractors Magazine report clarifies how the key LPF services offered above are documented regarding invariable labor or indirect losses.  Contact with request to obtain a project report proving LPF successes in the past, or as featured under projects page.