1700 10 Arm Candle Chandelier 

1700 Candle

18th Century

1780 Whale Oil Ships Lantern 

1780 Whale Oil

18th Century 

1830 Camphene Oil Ceiling Mounted Chandelier 

1830 Camphene Oil

Early 19th Century

1850-1870 Argand Oil Ceiling Mounted Chandelier  

1850-1870 Argand  Oil

Mid 19th Century

1880 Carbide Gas Ceiling Mounted Chandelier 

1880 Carbide Gas

Late 19th Century

1890 Gasolier Ceiling Mounted Chand 

1890 Gasolier

Mid to Late 19th Century

1900 Edison-Electrolier Ceiling Flush Mounted 

1890 Edison Electrolier

Mid to Late 19th Century

Specialty 22 Ft. Ceiling Chandelier 

Specialty  22 Ft. Ceiling


“What is defined by custom, exclusivity, and intimacy in your lighting fixture choices… you should declare.. I have complete autonomy and control!” MC Felk

The highest customer satisfaction is attained when you the principle end user investor in aesthetic custom lighting require any of the following, and have found an impasse when meeting specifications with online fixtures, or traditional standard “custom” resources:

Amount of illumination continues to be weak for areas required 

Physical size of fixture is dwarfed by the space to be illuminated 

Fixture materials, color finishing, physical appearance fail to meet interior space

Cost if greater than warehouse Lighting, if custom, should only include what is required, and meet requirements

Also desire energy efficient smart LED technology, with virtual control options

Custom 18th Century examples, plus organic site specific design samples.